DebEX Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian. It aims to provide a user-friendly desktop environment with a wide range of pre-installed software and tools for customization. DebEX Linux is developed by Arne Exton, who is also the developer of several other Linux distributions.


DebEX Linux uses the LXQt desktop environment, which is lightweight and highly customizable. It also includes a number of useful software applications such as the Google Chrome web browser, GParted partition editor, and Synaptic Package Manager for software management. Additionally, DebEX Linux comes with pre-installed drivers for WiFi, Bluetooth, and NVIDIA graphics cards.

DebEX Linux is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions and can be run from a live USB or CD without installation. It also supports installation to the hard drive for permanent use. DebEX Linux is designed to be easy to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced Linux users. DebEX Linux is known for its focus on customization, and it offers a number of tools and options for users to tweak the appearance and functionality of their desktop environment. For example, users can easily change the wallpaper, theme, and icons, as well as customize the panel and menu layout.

One of the key features of DebEX Linux is its ability to run smoothly on older or low-spec hardware. It uses a minimal set of resources and is optimized for performance, making it a good choice for older computers or machines with limited resources. In addition to the LXQt desktop environment and pre-installed software, DebEX Linux also includes a number of other features such as support for UEFI booting, automatic detection of printers and scanners, and support for multimedia codecs and plugins. Overall, DebEX Linux is a lightweight and user-friendly Linux distribution based on Debian, with a focus on customization and performance. It is a good choice for those looking for a fast and customizable Linux system, particularly on older or low-spec hardware. DebEX Linux also offers a range of advanced features and tools for experienced Linux users. For example, it includes the Gdebi package installer, which allows users to easily install individual Debian packages from the command line or graphical interface. DebEX Linux also includes a number of command-line tools and utilities for system administration and troubleshooting, such as the fdisk partitioning tool and the htop process monitor. This makes it a good choice for those who want a Linux distribution that is both user-friendly and powerful.

Another notable feature of DebEX Linux is its focus on providing a high level of hardware compatibility. It comes with a range of drivers pre-installed, including those for WiFi, Bluetooth, and NVIDIA graphics cards. This means that users can often get up and running quickly and easily, without the need for additional driver downloads or configuration. Finally, it is worth noting that DebEX Linux is a rolling release distribution, which means that users can receive updates and new features on a continuous basis, rather than having to wait for major releases. This can be particularly appealing to users who value staying up-to-date with the latest software and security updates.