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About DebEX Barebone and DebEX KDE Linux 64 bit

Both systems/distros are a based on Debian Jessie (upcoming Debian 8). There are also certain elements of Debian Sid (unstable). Xfce 4.10.1 is used as Desktop environment in DebEX Barebone. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. KDE 4.13.3 is used in DebEX KDE. DebEX Barebone uses the original Debian kernel 3.14.2-amd64 (equivalent to Kernel.org’s stable kernel 3.14.2. DebEX KDE uses "my" special kernel 3.16.0-7-exton equivalent to Kernel.org’s stable kernel 3.16, released 140803. The system language is English (in both versions of DebEX).

NEWS 140821
I have made a new version of the extra version of DebEX, wich I call DebEX KDE Live DVD. It's a pure Debian system. I.e.: There are no Ubuntu or Kubuntu elements involved. DebEX KDE uses KDE 4.13.3 as Desktop environment. (The latest stable version of KDE). Study the full package list.

NEWS 140819
The DebEX Barebone ISO is now a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred to a USB pen drive. You can then even run DebEX Barebone from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence! Read this INSTRUCTION. NetworkManager has been removed. It doesn't go together with Wicd when it comes to configuring wireless networks. I've added the applications GParted (partition editor), AbiWord, Icedove (Thunderbird) and AlsaPlayer. Study the full PACKAGE LIST of 140819. DebEX Barebone can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 3 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You'll need at least 2 GB RAM to run DebEX from RAM. Furthermore I have installed Pacapt - see below.

DebEX Barebone uses kernel 3.14.2-amd64. DebEX KDE uses kernel 3.16.0-7-exton.

Program content etc

As the name suggests, DebEX Barebone has only a minimum of software installed in advance. Among them AbiWord, LXTerminal, PCManFM, Leafpad, Wicd, Iceweasel (Firefox), Icedove (Thunderbird), GParted, AlsaPlayer and Synaptic. In version 140821 of DebEX I have added all common KDE packages and removed Xfce4. All programs have been updated to the latest available version as of August 19, 2014 respectively August 21, 2014.
I will give you the pleasure of installing all extra packages YOU need after a hard disk installation of DebEX Barebone/KDE. Use Synaptic for that. You can of course also install new packages while running the system live (from CD/USB stick), but nothing will be saved after a reboot. Unless you have followed my USB Install Instruction and use Boot alternative 1 - Persistent. If you have plenty of RAM you can even install big programs (such as LibreOffice) while running the system live.

Software management
DebEX (both versions) uses Apt (apt-get) and Synaptic. I have also installed Pacapt (an Arch's pacman-like package manager). It works extremely well. Available commands: pacapt -h. For example: pacapt -S libreoffice installs LibreOffice.

Wireless connections
NOTE: My first version of DebEX Barebone is from 130110. In version 140819 and 140821 I have replaced NetworkManager with Wicd to make it easier to configure wireless connections. Now just start up Wicd Client. Give your WEP/WAP password and connect. That's it! Maybe you will have to change your network interfaces (eth0, wlan0) to for example eth1 and wlan1 in Wicd's Preferences and click on the button Refresh before you can connect. It can then look like this.

LOGIN and passwords

After booting up DebEX Barebone from DVD/USB stick you'll end up at LightDM's login screen. Log in to Xfce4 as root. The password for root is root. During the installation of DebEX to hard disk you'll get the chance to create your own ordinary user. After booting up DebEX KDE you'll end up at KDM's login screen. Log in to KDE 4.13.3 as root or as the ordinary user user. The password for root is root. The password for user is live. When logged in as user you can use Sudo to become root. (Command: sudo su). Note: After a hard drive installation of DebEX you can still log in to Xfce4 respectively KDE as root. The password for root will be the password you have choosen for your own user during the installation of DebEX.

Install DebEX to hard drive
It's now very easy to install DebEX (both versions) to hard drive. Just start DebEX Installer and follow the installer instructions. You'll have to use Boot alternative 1 -live then. See this screenshot. You can (if you want) use Grub2 as boot loader. If you already are using Grub2 or Grub Legacy as bootloader you can skip this part of the installation. Watch a SLIDESHOW of the installation process. The installation is so simple that a 10 year old child can do it.

Transfer/Install DebEX Barebone/KDE to a USB stick


The DebEx Barebone ISO file (debex-barebone-64bit-xfce4-1040mb-140819.iso) can be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society.

The DebEx KDE ISO file (debex-kde-64bit-1270mb-140821.iso) can also be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society.

DebEX Barebone and DebEX KDE Linux Live DVD can also be downloaded from SourceForge.net - Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory.

md5sum for DebEX Barebone ISO, which is of 1040 MB.

md5sum for DebEX KDE ISO, which is of 1270 MB.



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Other considerations »

Disclaimer: This is experimental software. Use at your own risk. Under no circumstances may C A Exton or exton.net be held liable for damage to hardware or software, lost data or other damage either direct or indirect caused by using this software.

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Screenshot of the Boot menu

of the Xfce4 Desktop in version 140819 of DebEX Barebone

Screenshot of the KDE Desktop in version 140821 of DebEX KDE - pic1

Screenshot of the KDE Desktop in version 140821 of DebEX KDE - pic2

Screenshot showing how Alsamixer should be set

Screenshot showing how to mount partitions running Thunar

EXTON distributions: The number of Exton distributions has decreased from 66 (all time high in June 2011) to 14. See a complete LIST. It was a bit too much for me to keep 66 distributions up to date. All Exton distributions on the Swedish Linux Society's FTP Server can be reached HERE. All exton distributions in English (English locale) can also be dowloaded from SourceForge.net.

If you install DebEX Barebone/KDE to hard disk you will always get the latest Debian packages if you run the following commands: sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade.

ABOUT wireless configurations
Use Wicd to configure your wireless network. See the small icon up on the Desktop to the right. In version 140821 the icon is down to the right.